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Join me in my efforts to support AID-Run for India!

Since you have reached this webpage, I'll ask you to read a few more lines.

1. Pick up one issue which really irritates you. Be it domestic violence against women, illiteracy in poor countries, some malnourished kid or a 10 year girl washing dishes at a road-side canteen.

P.S.: If you really don't give a damn about anything, scroll down directly to the last point.

2. Okay. So you have some issue you really want to do something about. But you don't. As you don't have much time. I totally get it.

But hey, why not for a moment, let's assume that you are The Protagonist of this story. The guy who followed his heart, who quit the mundane life to change the world. Who is out there to make an impact.

3. So, here you are. Ditching your formals in an air-conditioned building, standing in the heat of the sun, wearing a brown t-shirt. Harsh circumstances may turn harsher but your will power is unflagging.

4. Let's say you started putting in your effort, day and night. If you are into "Education for poors", you are out there teaching poor kids. If you are into "Women Empowerment" you are teaching Karate to sari-clad ladies. You are doing what you always thought as doable but no-one was doing it.

5. Here comes the reality check after a few months.

You have spent all your money. Your friends don't pick up your call. Your relatives feel you have gone crazy. You can live with all of it, (you are the hero. remember!) But you can't stand the withering infrastructure of your dreams. A dishevelled school without blackboard leading to unsafe condition for unsuspecting children.

6. Now one fine day, you get one check of 20$ and your eyes lit up. Years ago, this 20$ was nothing. Tips you left at the bar. A bill you forgot in your old pajamas. That's it. But now, in that moment it's treasure. It's everything you wanted. Now you turn around the envelope to check the sender's name. Some friend, relative? But no, it's not them. It's a name similar to yours. Hey wait... its an address similar to yours. What the hell... It's You who sent it months ago.

Glad that you read till now.

We all find some reasons to support the heroes we want to be. And yeah, such heroes exist. Living probably in some decrepit house or probably sleeping under the sky with content in their hearts and holes in their pockets.

Changing the world is a difficult and time taking task but we can oil this machine, till it gains its full momentum.

If you want to read about how some people are changing the world (in this case India). Go to this link:

7. What I am doing, is that I am running Half Marathon for the heroes I'd always respect. Austin Marathon 2014 is just a way to highlight their issues at a bigger platform. I am raising funds as well so that their efforts don't go in vain. Donate as much as you can. You never know your 10$ bill might raise hopes somewhere... where it's desperately needed.

8. If you don't want to do anything, at least jog early in the morning. It's fun. One feels alive.

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